Foretell Business Solutions Private Limited is glad to announce the 13th edition of India International Gold Convention to be held on August 11-14, 2016 at Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Centre, Agra, India. We welcome the entire bullion fraternity to the wonder city of Taj Mahal...
India International Gold Convention provides an apt platform for the bullion industry to deliberate on various challenges facing the industry, articulate the possible solutions and set an agenda for the development of the industry. IIGC 2015 at Goa hosted a record 580 delegates from all over the world. With the opening up of gold refining sector in India and the announcement of three new schemes, the opportunities were aplenty for the bullion market participants in India. IIGC 2015 bought out all these current issues in the form of presentations, round table discussions and panel discussions.
We hope and expect to see a lot more discussions and deliberations at IIGC 2016 on the current issues with future perspective in mind.
We invite the entire global bullion community to attend India's only and largest bullion conference on 11-14 Aug 2016 at Agra. And yes, from 2016 you will have one extra day to network, discuss and do business with a little more time for leisure.
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