by Mr Stewart Murray | Aug 16th, 2013
Tags : Outstanding Contribution to the Global Bullion Industry

Mr Stewart Murray, CEO, LBMA has been working tirelessly for the development of the global bullion industry for over 20 years. His role in constructively engaging with the US, OECD as well as the European Union authorities has been commendable. This award is in recognition of his contribution to the development of the global bullion markets.

by MCX | Aug 16th, 2013
Tags : Most Innovative Marketplace for Gold - 2013

Understanding the multiple needs of participants in a marketplace such as India and devising right products can be very challenging. MCX has successfully mastered this art and have shown that derivative marketplace can be made appealing for investors too, rightfully deserving the award - "The most innovative marketplace for gold for 2013".

Scotia Bank: Received by Mr Rajan Venkatesh | Aug 16th, 2013
Tags : Most Valued Bullion Bank 2013

When it comes to India, most global bullion banks have refrained, given the level of uncertainty and regulatory risks. Scotia Bank took it as a challenge and has been rendering exceptional services to the Indian industry for years now deserving the "Most Valued Bullion Bank" award for 2013.

MMTC-PAMP Private Limited: Received by Mr Rajesh Khosla | Aug 16th, 2013
Tags : Emerging Refinery - 2013

Building a world-class bullion refinery in India requires vision and forethought, impeccable execution and of course, a bit of a gamble on government policies. MMTC-PAMP has shown exemplary leadership in this direction by creating the first large scale bullion refinery in India that is safe, scalable, environmentally sustainable and responsible.

DMCC: Received by Mr Gautam Sashittal | Aug 16th, 2013
Tags : Business Catalyst 2013

"In every challenge lies an opportunity", DMCC has demonstrated this. The DMCC has not only rallied the entire industry in the UAE into its initiative on 'Responsible Sourcing', but also has taken leadership in spreading the message of "Responsible Sourcing" in key Asian and African markets as well" thereby propelling businesses to scale new highs.

by Mr Prithviraj Kothari | Aug 16th, 2013
Tags : Bullion King of India 2013

It is an acknowledged fact that very few understand the bullion business environment and the market opportunities the way Mr Kothari understands. Even fewer are as proactive and result-oriented as him. No doubt, he is called the "Bullion King of India".