I have been associated with IIGC from day one and I would like to congratulate the entire team for their hard work. I go to every conference world-over, but the kind of discussions take place here, is never done anywhere. This IIGC platform provides every stakeholder to exchange their problems among them and finding a way towards solving the same. I would like to thank Mr. Srivatsava especially for his hard work as he takes tremendous initiative to represent to government the outcome of the discussions. I do believe conference will continue to improve in coming years with bigger participation.

HE Mr Prithviraj Kothari, MD, RSBL

First and foremost, IIGC is path-breaker to bullion trade in the country, and above everything, you have sustained this event for 13 years. It is not a small task to do year after year. IIGC has united the domestic market, and on the other hand, has brought in foreign suppliers. At the end, as an organization, you have maintained a consistency in deliverables. Hats off!

HE Mr Nirakar Chand, CEO (Precious Metals), Diamond India Ltd

This is my first time here in this event. I am very impressed with the number of participation and quality of presentations is really good. I am trying to come back here next year definitely.

HE Mr Javier Paulinich, Ambassador of Peru to India

Pune is a very beautiful place. I am very happy to see an impressive number of participants. Both foreign and Indian players have participated in a big way that shows India's importance in the world trade. I wish good luck and hope to come here next year.

Afshin Nabavi, Executive Senior Vice President of Trading - MKS Switzerland

Indeed. This conference provides an opportunity to meet everybody around the world. This is an excellent platform not only to meet our Indian counterpart and partners, but from Europe, Latin America (lot of companies have come from that part of the world which is very interesting). It is always an event which is very professionally organized. It is a very good business opportunity development for us and it is a chance to network and essentially develop new plans for the rest of the year.

Franco Bosoni, Director, Commodity Services, DMCC

The conference is outstanding. I have been here earlier, but I did not attend last few years. Lot of friends from overseas are here and I will be looking forward to meet them. It is the best platform for networking in India.

Gautam A Choksi, Vice cite title="Source Title"resident- Finance, Hindustan Platinum Pvt. Ltd.

This is an ideal platform for all the stake holders of the industry to come together, share their views, to discuss the current problems that the industry is facing, the newer trends that the industry is adapting etc. The event is conducted successfully and three cheers to the organizers.

Konal Doshi, Co-convener, Jewellery panel - GJEPC

The response has been very positive. We see a number of our customers, we see new players who are trying to enter the market.

Sameer Hosangade, Managing Director- Brinks India Pvt. Ltd

I think this year is the right time to be here as it is a melting point of ideas and it is an important platform to share ideas to work together towards a common goal.

Lars Johansson, Director- Air Courier, Brinks - Switzerland

This convention has always been very informative. From the number of delegates, it is clear that people really value this convention. They think that this event adds value to them and that is why they all are here. I am sure people will go with lots of hope from here.

Rajan Venkatesh, Managing Director, Scotia Mocatta

I would like to congratulate Mr. Srivastava and his team for the very good team work. I find all of you very focused, very dedicated and well coordinated. The preparation was well done as we did not find anything missing. It is a good idea to do it year after year and the event is evolving every year and I wish all the best to all your future endeavors.

S K Jindal, Director, Jindal Dychem

I am very happy attending this event as I can see all my friends at one place. Year-over-year this event is making good progress. I wish all the best for the event and that it should grow exponentially in times to come.

Satish Bansal, Director - MD Overseas

This is an excellent event, thanks to organisers. Every year we are coming and every year this is becoming better than previous. It is excellent news for the industry that we have such a concrete platform to discuss issues and this conference has gained worldwide acclamation. As LBMA conference is world's best event in bullion, it can be said that this event is LBMA of India.

Mayank Khemka, MD, Khemka Group of Companies

It is a treat to come back to India every year. This conference is well organized; it is a great place to meet good old friends. It is very important for us to be here to meet the various industry participants.

Cameron Alexander-Manager, Precious Metals Demand Asia, GFMS

I think the conference is highly professional and it is a must attend conference.

Jeffrey Rhodes, CEO- BTC Group (part of New Egypt Gold)

The conference is having regular attendance with mix of people from across the Indian market and other foreign countries as well. With so many key players attending, it is a very exciting conference and I am very thankful to be invited as a speaker here.

Philip Newman, Director- Metals Focus

We have been associated with this event from last 7 years as title sponsors. We find this platform trusting and all the market participants come once a year at one place. It is a huge platform for the suppliers, logistic agencies, financial institutions, customers and all the important players of the trade. It provides a good opportunity to interact with people, to find out the market trends and to network etc.

Pradeep Nagori, Associate Director- Precious Metals, Edelweiss Bullion

It is the second time that I come to this event and it is a very well organized event. We are very happy and excited to be here.

Rodrigo Blanco- Head of Office, ProMexico India

We have been looking forward for this event. This is the third year that we have participated in this event and we are sponsors also. It is a beautiful platform to meet up with the community.

S Rajkumar - COO & Founder Director, Sequel Logistics

I am very impressed with the quality of the delegates and speakers here in IIGC.

Jorge Ramiro, MD, Emerging Market Capital

It is really an amazing platform where we can have one to one meetings with all the stakeholders of the industry.

Monal Thakkar, Amrapali Group

As this is the first time I am attending, I never thought the event would be in this scale. I would like to participate in the future also.

K Srinivasan, MD, Emerald Jewels India Ltd.

The topics of the discussions were very relevant, they are sowing the seeds for the new developments that should happen in the bullion industry.

Samir Shah, MD & CEO, NCDEX

The event is growing in bigger scale every year.

Vidit Garg, Director, Kundan Group

This is one of the important events in bullion industry. All the major buyers from India and abroad attain the conference.

Vikas Adlakha, Hindustan Zinc Ltd.

This year the focus of the conference is on manufacturing, so it has really become useful for the industry. I expect the same momentum to happen in the coming years also.

James Jose, MD, Chemmanur Refinery Pvt. Ltd.

It is one of the best conferences that I go on a regular basis.

Jeremy East, MD, Standard Chartered Bank

It provides us the opportunity to interact with people throughout the bullion industry value chain.

Shivanshu Mehta, VP-BD, MCX

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